April 1, 2015

Mission #54, Day 3--Baseball Tee

Yes, the lace tennies again.  I wear them a decent amount because they are comfortable and breathable.  But that is not the sporty element in this outfit.  Oh no friends.  Because I am wearing (motioning to showcase shirt) a baseball tee.  The ever versatile, ever popular, everyone loves it baseball tee.

I realize that today is April Fool's Day and as I have mentioned on the blog every single year, I am not a fan.  This is mostly because I am super gullible and if you try to fool me, I will fall for it and look like an idiot.  And I am a horrible liar so I can't fool anyone else.

But it does remind me of a fairly recent, very funny story that kind of fits into that dreaded "holiday".  So the football teams here for kids go by what high school the kids will be attending.  So for instance, my son will be going to Longmont High School eventually so every year, every team that he and his brother play on are the Longmont Trojans.  It gets pretty confusing, but it also makes it a little easier to remember.

Well last season, me and the kids were at Sprouts and Kaden was wearing his football jersey.  One of the managers of the store saw him and started asking if he played for the Trojans and he said yes.  They got to talking for a bit about it and it turns out that she thought that Kaden was a high schooler (he's already a few inches taller than his shorty mother).  Not knowing exactly how to back-pedal and explain that he was only a middle schooler (and not really feeling like he had to since it is only small talk), he just continued on.  After all, he had attended most of the high school games so he knew what she was talking about.

As the manager walked away, congratulating him on the team going to State, Kaden gave me a look of death like "MomdontyoudaretellherI'mreallyamiddleschooler".  I kind of smiled and we went about our shopping until a few moments later there was an announcement over the speakers.  "Attention everyone, we have a Longmont Trojan in the store!  As you all know, the Trojans are going to compete this Saturday in the State Championship.  If you see Kaden walking around the store, be sure to wish him luck!" 

Kaden was mortified.  We were forced to cut our shopping trip early and get out of there.  

Tribal Skirt-thrifted; Baseball Tee-Kohl's; Lace Tennis Shoes-Target; Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Earrings-gifted

March 31, 2015

Mission #54, Day 2--Tennis Shoes

You can't very well have a sporty look without talking about tennis shoes, now can you?  I know we just did sneakers for our last Mission Week, but still--they don't get old, AMIRIGHT???  And honest to goodness, I wear these wedge sneakers WAY more than what happens on the blog.  They are comfy and easy to throw on and off.  The extra inches on my height doesn't hurt either.

I've been having kind of a nervous breakdown/panic attack situation going down for the past few weeks.  Part of it had to do with all the stuff that I have going down between work and the house and the kids and all of their stuff.  And the other part of it had to do with the fact that for weeks after Daylight Savings Time, Reilly went through a bout of not sleeping.

I don't know how many of you have been through the baby no-sleep phase(s), but let me tell you--that ish is EXHAUSTING.  It was like I had exhaustion insomnia.  I didn't sleep through the night because Reilly decided he was going to get up every two or three hours and when I did go to sleep in or go to bed, I couldn't sleep because of all of the ish going on in my head.

So I told Patrick that it was his turn and vowed to NOT get up with Reilly in the middle of the night and to make Patrick do it.  As usual (because he is a saint of all saints), Patrick obliged and it was decided--I needed sleep so Patrick was on baby nighttime duty.

But guess what?  From the first night that Patrick was supposed to get up with Reilly until now, that baby has slept through the night.  Like eight or nine hours straight through the night.  So Patrick didn't even have to actually get up with him at all, but neither did I.  

Whatever works I guess . . . #thanksreilly

Leather Pants-Lip Service, thrifted; White Oversized Oxford Shirt-thrifted; Pink Sequined Tube Top-vintage; Wedge Sneakers-Target; Buckle Cuff-H&M; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

March 30, 2015

Mission #54, Day 1--SPORTY--Baseball Hat

This is Conner's birthday week and he is a total sports guy.  He loves football, baseball, basketball and is a tetherball champ.  So this Mission Week is for him--we're doing sporty looks.  And you can't really not be sporty when you're wearing a baseball cap--even one with spikes on it.

Thanks all for the well wishes for the state tournament.  We didn't place this time but the kids did an amazing job and while I am going to miss those little kiddos, I have to be honest and tell you that I am very anxious to put the free space back on the calendar.

Another change from this weekend?  Well if you follow me on Instagram, then you already know.  We got a second car.  Big deal for us.  We had been relying on my brother's car as a second car, but when he got into his accident, the car was totaled (obvi).  In the meantime, he's been using his huge four wheeling Jeep. #gasguzzler

So we finally had the down payment for a new car.  The unfortunate caveat is that we had to trade in the motorcycle for it.  But we now have a second car which is SO helpful.  And I am really excited about it.  Not only for logistical reasons, but it's black, just like my van.

I haven't mentioned on the blog, but I named my van Marsellus Wallace (yes, after this Marsellus Wallace).  Why?  Because my van is big and bad ass and black and sleek.  I love that mo fo.  And the name is just perfectly fitting because Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies of all time.  (I honestly think it helps me feel cooler driving a minivan to give it a bad ass name . . . it does, right?)
So Marsellus got his Mia.  I think they will be very happy together.  Because Mr. Wallace doesn't like to be &^%$# by anyone except Mrs. Wallace.

Cargo Joggers, Glitter Heels-Target; I Heart NY Tee-NY Airport; Hooded Vest-really old; Denim Jacket-Old Navy, thrifted; Spiked Baseball Cap-Amazon; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Watch-Patrick's
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